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American (CHICAGO) International Private Label Fair 2020
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Date: 2020 / 11 / 15 

trade show title: 2020 US (CHICAGO) International Private Label Fair, sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. 

The show occupies five pavilions at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago, with more than 2,000 booths and exhibitors from 35 countries around the world, offering products in both food and non food areas. 

Buyers come from all over the world, including chain stores, general stores, discount stores, drug stores, hypermarkets, convenience stores, including importers, wholesalers, and even military units to search for the latest trends. During the fair, seminars and symposiums will be held on a number of themes. 

At the fair, "PLMA IDEAL supermarket" exhibition area will be set up. Sixty sets of open-shelf cabinets will be displayed to showcase the finished products and packaging materials of the world-famous stores under their own brands. The organizer will also collaborate with St. Josephs University held a two-day "PLMA executive education course" to explain the basic concept of private label.

 Chicago International Oem 2020 will be held in Rosemont Convention Center from November 15-17,2020. The exhibition hall is only 10 minutes away from Chicago o'Hare International Airport. The Conference Center provides the exhibitors with a convenient and efficient trade show. 

"Chicago International Oem" is the best place to establish the relationship network and make contact. Product Development experts look for the right suppliers, suppliers understand the market needs, and then establish good business relationship with the major distributors and wholesalers. If you are already a supplier of private label products, this exhibition will introduce you to more buyers to negotiate, if you are just beginning to dabble in the private label market, to participate in this exhibition will be the best stepping stone to enter the market. 

Market Analysis: More and more consumers in Europe and the United States prefer to buy their own-brand goods. According to Nielsen, private label sales at major supermarkets, chain stores and malls have risen 15% in recent summers, to $100 billion in total sales for the year and to more than 23% of the overall market, a trend that will continue. According to a new Roper survey, more than 65% of shoppers said they regularly buy free-label items, up from just 40% three years ago. Eighty percent's customers believe these brands are even bigger than national brands, with nearly 30% expecting to buy more private label brands in the next few years. What are the advantages of private label? Private label products usually have obvious competitive advantages of low price and high quality due to the elimination of many intermediate links and the reduction of sales cost through scale benefit. 

In the developed countries such as Europe and America, the price of private brand goods is 30% lower than that of similar goods. The price of private brand in domestic chain stores is more than 10%-20% lower than that of similar products. Therefore, the reasonable use of this price and cost advantage is their own brand of competition. 

Secondly, the private brand competition should highlight the "low-cost high-quality" characteristics, play a good quality war. Practice has proved that the consumer's choice is more and more mature and rational, only low price and high quality can be the real advantage, the focus of competition is ultimately quality rather than price. 

Therefore, good quality, and manufacturers to establish a good cooperative relationship, is another key to competition. Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence.

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